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171 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, Surrey

We are delighted to present our newest development, a stunning detached building in the Brighton Road at Coulsdon, Surrey which will be thoroughly refitted and restored throughout 2018 into a new retail letting opportunity.  The current three smaller shops will be combined into a single retail unit with over 3,000 sq ft of retail space suitable for a range of uses including A3 restaurant.

In addition the building will be extended to the rear providing further space for kitchen / storage use while still retaining a large yard for parking and general use.  This yard space is accessed via a dedicated entrance to the side of the building offering convenient access to the rear of the building for loading / unloading of goods.

The front of the building offers an attractive fa├žade with period features and large glass windows accessed by central main doors and corner single doors.  Inside the ground floor has 4m ceiling height allowing easy installation of ducting and lighting as required.  There are additional windows and fire exit doors to the rear while the entire ground floor will be open plan save for four vertical columns allowing great flexibility for any required layout.

Please contact Andrew Morrish at Cradick Retail for further details on this exciting development, available late 2018.


For further information contact:
Andrew Morrish - amorrish@cradick.co.uk 07919 172 115
John Hammond - john@jpacommercial.co.uk 07711 132 019


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